Legal Secretarial Preferred Qualifications

A legal secretary must first and foremost be organized and willing to work under extremely stressful conditions. Anyone applying for a legal secretarial position knows how important it is to have the right training, qualifications and experience in order to even be called in for an initial interview. If the interview goes well, the next step is to see if the interviewee has the right qualifications for the job and will be able to do it well. If so, the hiring process will continue.

Sometimes a legal secretary is known as a legal assistant. He or she works in a law office with attorneys, paralegals, clerical staff and others. A secretary assists all of them in various duties including answering telephone calls, setting up appointments and court dates, filing, data entry and performing complicated research work. A legal secretary may also be asked to prepare legal documents and prepare papers for court appearances and other legal proceedings. Lawyers simply do not have the time or desire to do the numerous administrative duties that are required in their job. He or she depends a great deal on the secretaries whom they hire to help them get the required work accomplished. Salaries are good and most jobs come with an attractive benefit packages.

Most legal assistants have only a high school education but some have degrees from accredited colleges. Jobs for secretaries in law firms are plentiful and the demand for them continues to grow. Because there is such a demand, competition is keen. That is why many people decide to take a course dedicated to becoming a legal secretary. This makes them better equipped when they are ready to join the job force and go in for an interview.

Lawyers look for secretaries who are outgoing, professional, detail-oriented, organized and are able to do many tasks at once. The person they hire must be quite assertive and be able to prioritize well. A positive attitude is a must and a secretary must put personal problems aside. Legal secretarial positions are available for people who have all these skills, experience and the desire to work in a fast-paced and sometimes volatile environment.